Would You Use Lightroom Bundled Presets?

Pre3I’ve been using adobe lightroom and presets for quite some time now, and just few weeks ago, I opted to update the list of my preset collections by creating new presets. But because I only have limited time to make new ones, I decided to look for new and exciting free and paid lightroom preset bundles.

Like most products, lightroom presets has their own advantages and disadvantages.  Putting on presets on images is the easiest way to distinguish if it suits better on the photo or not. Free and paid bundled presets can help you save more time and effort. If you are busy with some other things but needs to finish some lightroom task, downloading presets is the best choice.

However, there are still some bundled presets that are not worth to download and buy since the effects are not useful. These badly created set of presets can create more mistakes. It is best to double the check the work of others before deciding to download. Make sure that the adjustments, controls, and other important things are well created. Lightroom experts said that the best lightroom presets adjust only important and specific sliders.

Installing lightroom preset

There are two ways to install presets in lightroom from a single collection or folder; automatic and manual method, but I recommend automatic since it is fast and easy to install. If you are about to install a lot of presets, manual method is for you. You can check more lightroom 6 presets here.

Previews and Application of Presets

If you want to view your downloaded preset, make sure to roll over the curser to the Preset panel and a navigator preview will show you the latest setting and update of your presets. This allows you to find your preferred presets easily.