Importance Of Photo Editing Tools

ss3As a photographer, I received several questions pertaining to the quality of my images. There are some people who wonder if my images are real or just Photoshopped. I don’t get offended by these questions, I feel happy and honored instead because they took the time to analyze and understand the quality of my images. We all know that the raw pictures from the camera is not enough. It actually doesn’t take the actual color and mood of the subject. Whereas, by using editing tools such as Photoshop or Lightroom, it is easy for us to put a life in the image to make it livelier and realistic. Photography is not just about taking a lot of random images, it’s also about producing high-quality images.

Again, most of the time, DSLR cameras, and other regular camera don’t take the same color, tones, brightness, and mood that I experienced during the shoot. But because of the help of Adobe Lightroom, I can make it realistic to show my viewers on what I actually saw.

Generally, our eyes can perceive a greater range of colors and tones than our DSLR cameras. As we all know, the lens of our eyes is capable of filtering 20 or more lights. But the lens of most cameras can only perceive half of it. For example, I am seeing a greater view of the sand, sunset, and the beach, however, my camera can only capture half of the color tone of the sunset and the sky. In order for me to produce great sets of images, I need Lightroom to help me make it more outstanding and eye-catching image.

Lightroom contains a lot of features that can be of great help in our editing process. There are a lot of online tutorials on how to edit seascapes in Lightroom. These articles can help you improve your skills in editing seascapes themed images. But whatever you desire, I still believe that you should explore both the features of your camera and Lightroom to know which tones to adjust.

Moreover, owning and producing the best set of images is all about using the best photo editing tool. The real magic of having good quality images happens not only inside the camera but also with Lightroom. Make sure to use it appropriately as you can.