Four Lightroom Commands That You Should Know

123As we all know, Lightroom is one of the best image processing software in the industry today. Most photographers use the program as it helps them save time and effort in editing hundreds and thousands of images. Moreover, the program is a non-destructive tool that it preserves the original setting of the image from the camera.

In this article, we will talk about the four Lightroom commands that you should know.

Lightroom Shortcuts

There are a lot of shortcut keys in Lightroom and it really takes some time to learn all of it. There are a lot of online sites that offers tutorials on how to learn Lightroom shortcuts. However, Sleeklens came up with a new product line that provides free Lightroom tutorials. In any case, you just have to press crtl+ / to open the tab in Lightroom showing you the simple shortcut keys. Basically, all of these shortcut keys can be found in the develop module in Lightroom.

Choose Solo Mode

If you want to get rid of those unnecessary panels on your Lightroom screen, you can work in one panel by choosing the solo mode in Lightroom. To change the setting of the panel, you just have to right click on one of the panel you choose to close and select solo mode from the selection.

Play With Colors in Lightroom

The default colors are visible in the Lightroom color selection. But if you only want to play with few colors, you can do this by going to the library mode and choosing the metadata. After choosing it, select color label set and edit the color that you want to use. Playing with colors in Lightroom is easier with this feature.

Before and After View

When working with images in Lightroom, it is always easy to track the changes made as it has the ability to view the before and after of the image. In most cases, photographers often use this viewing option as they can immediately alter the changes they want to modify.